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These guys couldn’t wait for the nurses to come over and to give them some help with the raging erections they’ve been trying to ignore most of the day. It’s the japanese hot nurse that is perfect to get rid of a hardon, and here we get to see two of them at it, using their entire bodies for the pleasure of their patients, riding them mercilessly until they exploded all over their faces!

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This japanese hot nurse sure knows how to have fun, instead of taking a lunch break she’s taking a masturbation break, there’s a small room where she slips into when nobody is watching her and there she goes wild. What she didn’t know is that doctors noticed what she’s doing and set up a camera there, now we get to see the slutty Japanese nurse fucking herself silly with a big dildo!

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If this is hot japanese hot nurses handle all of their patients, I’m moving to Japan right away, this hottie took pity on a guy whose arms were in cast and got down to blowing him since he couldn’t take care of himself. She got him rock hard in no time, she’s obviosly had face to face encounters with cocks before, and she didn’t mind ending up as one of the japanese hot nurses starring in small porn clips

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This time it’s not just one japanese hot nurse that gets her pussy played with, it’s two of them, they got some really hot patients this time and they are eager to get some action, so they locked the door when these two sexy babes came in and tore off their uniforms so they can see what they are packing. Nurses being skinny and with small tits didn’t stop the guys, they had them pinned down on the bed and moaning in no time.

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Japanese babes make for perfect sex dolls with their petite bodies and wicked grins, and this hottie is even better then most of her friends, she doesn’t mind slipping into the costume of a japanese hot nurse and getting wicked in front of the camera. She gladly opened up her coat to revel her small perky nipples and crotchless panties that were perfect for a finger to sneak up and toy with her wet hairy pussy.

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